BullSama is Solana’s most unique utility project, offering a multi-chain Artificial Intelligence Bot, multi-purpose NFTs, stylized art and the strongest community.

We are the Bull Samurai, leading the crypto space with honor and integrity.

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BULLSAMA ($BSAMA) is a Trading Bot with revolutionary AI, multi chain, limit orders, Rev share, speed, reliability and more! NFTs with utility!

The Roadmap

BullSama Ai Bot (Currently in Beta Testing)

  • Limit Order by market cap functionality

  • Extremely fast sniping tokens

  • Copy Trading Top Insiders wallets (Ai technology)

  • Liquidity Sniper Bot (buy tokens right after launch)

  • Advanced Trading with Stop Loss and Take Profit Functions

  • Artificial Intelligence feature that will notify you when top insiders are buying or selling any token (available to holders of the BSAMA token)

  • Available chains - Solana, Ethereum ( Base and BSC coming soon)

  • Additional features constantly added… (we can’t share everything)

The Road Map

March 2024

  • 500 1st Edition Bullsama pixelated NFT’s - Completed

  • Private Lounge, Priority access to BullSama Bot for NFT Holders - Completed

June 2024

july 2024

  • Continuous improvements to SPEED and Stability (this will be the major factor and focus in order to gain market share)

  • Bullsama Bot - Release to BullSama Community

  • Bullsama Bot Community requested features- In Progress

  • Introduction to AI - Artificial Intelligence to our Smart Bot (will be a massive game changer and will create a new category in the crypto market)

  • Staking /Rewards features (earn passive income)

August 2024

Watch This Video Demo Of The BULLSAMA AI Bot


Fast Trading

Speed up your trading with Bullsama Ai Bot user-friendly interface makes it simple: one click and your trade is on its way, no delays.

Limit Orders

Set your target price for buying or selling tokens with Bullsama Ai Bot limit order functionality. We'll automatically execute your trade at your specified market cap, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.